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The Winsights Network provides corporate leadership, CEOs, Presidents, Division Heads of larger companies and Board Members, with professionally facilitated, confidential roundtables on strategic leadership issues and organizational effectiveness, as well as human capital issues of the highest relevance to participants, providing members with enhanced best practice ideas and an expanded “go to” peer network.

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Founder and Chief Networking Officer of the Winsights Network, Jim Hartfiel has 20+ years in the CEO roundtable business, more than 30 years of working with company Presidents and Owners to increase the productivity and profitability of their companies. Known for his enthusiastic listening style, Jim is adept at getting to the heart of strategic business matters quickly and efficiently.   Over the years, he has also developed a knack for getting the very best people around the table.

Develop friendships and networks with other CEOs that enrich your professional and personal lives

You want to get people out of their normal environment, because it makes them think differently. You build this engaging experience that shakes up their normal view of the world and gets them to look up from their computers or away from their phones.

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